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Week 9 Learning from Home Grids

This week we have been sending out 'Learning from Home' packs. These included pencils, work books and work grids.

Each stage has their own work grid. The support unit has 4 different levels (depending on the ability levels of each child). If your child is in the Support Unit, and you are not sure what level your child is working at, please send a direct message via Seesaw, Facebook, or by phoning our school office. These work grids are also on our Facebook page.

The work grids are enough school work for your child for the rest of Week 9. As of next week, we will be sending home work digitally through Google Classrooms. If you do not have access to the internet, we will also have a paper version available for pick up at school next week. Please continue to check Seesaw, our website and Facebook page for information regarding online learning and the distribution of passwords.